About CTPCanada.ca

Welcome to the CTP™ certification program. Certified Tax Preparers CTP Inc.  CTPCanada.ca Inc.  is a  federally incorporated organization with Industry Canada and registered as an accredited educational institution with Human Resource Development Canada. The CTP™ represents tax preparer’s interests in Canada.

Professionalism and integrity is important in Canada because Canadian taxpayers deserve the option of having a standardized tax preparation service available to represent their interests. Canada Revenue has a Taxpayers Bill of Rights published but who is suitable to best represent those rights for taxpayers.   An estimated 14 million tax returns are filed in Canada each year by a third party tax preparer. The magnitude of legislative compliance requirements indicates a need for a minimum standard to lend credibility to the tax preparation profession.

As the only independent, stand alone personal tax preparation certification licensor in Canada, CTPCanada.ca™ works towards uniting tax preparers as a whole.  CTPCanada.ca™ is a unified front that lobbies on behalf of its registrants and members. CTPCanada.ca advocates on behalf of tax preparers to federal and provincial governments, proactively influencing income tax and related legislation to enable all stakeholders to administer their services in an efficient and effective manner.

As an authority on tax preparation education and advocacy, CTPCanada.ca™ offers registration, certification, continuing education, professional development programs, products and services that enable tax preparers to deliver accurate, efficient and timely service. The CTP™ certification enables tax preparers to comply with ever changing legislative demands and to embrace the latest legislation and technology.

Once your registration fee is paid you will be assigned your CTP™ registration number. Use this number throughout your certification process.  CTPCanada.ca™ is here to assist you in becoming certified. Please contact us  if there is anything we can do to assist in your journey.

Best wishes with your certification journey,